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1. Sections 165 to 197 of Revised Model GST Law (RMGL) provides for transitional provisions. The transitional provisions are referring to tax liability of various transactions with reference to appointed day (i.e, the effective date of GST).

1.1 Since more than thirty sections deals with transitional provisions, the analysis is done in two parts. For purpose of analysis, 01.04.2017 is presumed to be the appointed day under various provisions.

1.2 Before proceeding to analyse the provisions, let us have a look at the situations for which transitional provisions are proposed to be enacted... read more ...

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faq  GST SEMINAR on 12.12.2016

In yet another pursuit to share knowlege  with our esteemed clientele, SWAMY ASSOCIATES is organising a seminar on the ensuing GST on the 12th December 2016 at the GRT Convention Center at T. Nagar, Chennai - 17. Interested participants are requested to confirm thier participation at latest by 5 .P.M on the 9th December 2016.  Click here for the agenda...

As the deadline of April 2017 is fast approaching, each and every news and policy decision on GST from government as well as industry and public is looked upon with lot of apprehension and anticipation. Last month also witnessed few significant moves signalling promise of adhering to deadline of April 1, 2017 inspite of whole nation being hit by DEMONETISATION wave.

A brief synopsis of major breakthroughs in GST last month are listed below:

GST website goes live for Enrolment Process : To start with, the GST website of Government of India ‘’ has gone live. The intention of website as of now is primarily to cater to process of Enrolment. Enrolment process is prelude to auto migration of existing assessees to GST. The website contains very lucid tutorials and FAQs to help tax payer for smooth and hassle free transition to GST. The GST enrolment process is to be initiated on basis of communication received from government. To start with , all VAT assesees are sent this communication the data of which will be used for getting started with enrolment process. The website also prescribes deadline for each State for completing the enrolment process.

Enrolment of VAT assessees to GST Portal started from Puducherry, the first in country to be followed by Sikkim on November 8. read more ...
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